Private Equity Club L.P.

Private Equity Club L.P. is a fund of top performing private equity funds

Private equity has been a high performing asset class for investors. It has become a huge industry and, as it says, it is private. It requires deep and granular insight and rigorous selection to invest successfully with above average returns.

Private Equity Club

About us

Private Equity Club’s investors are qualified individuals (Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Private Equity Partners) and family investors, collaborating to build high quality private equity portfolios. Our low costs and fees are driven by our focus, structure and operational strategy thanks to deep knowledge of the industry. The Founders and Investors are fully aligned.

We are structured as a Luxembourg SCSp (Limited Partnership) under EU and Luxembourg regulation, offering the highest operational standards and AML/CTF Procedures (Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing).

Private Equity Club L.P’s central adminstrator is IQ-EQ and works with high-end Luxembourg advisors such as Ogier, Atoz and HACA (auditors).

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