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Why a private equity portfolio?


Private vs public markets

The private equity market has grown massively over the last 30 years due to a long period of outperformance compared to the public markets. Consequently, top performing endowments and pensions funds have shifted their allocations from public market to private equity.

Nonetheless there is an intense debate between supporters and detractors of the private equity vs public outperformance. Michael Cembalest and his team from JP Morgan¹ published a remarkable and comprehensive paper on this matter. The short conclusion was that private equity outperforms public markets.

Beyond this question, private equity provides investment access to the best SMEs in the world economies, which is not possible in the public market. Public markets are nonetheless an attractive way to invest in some of the world’s largest companies (US$10bn market caps).

¹JP Morgan, June 2021. “Food Fight: An update on private equity performance vs public equity markets.”

Why does private equity perform so well?

If you are looking to be invested with active selection and monitoring in these mid-market companies, investing in private equity with rigorous discernment and method is a great option - if not the best!

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