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We source, select and provide access to top funds to construct a balanced portfolio



Private Equity Club L.P. originates from many different sources, including through its large and active network and a range of databases. We then benchmark, interview and cross check to select potential candidates, before digging deeper to understand the risk returns and the cash flow profile of these potential funds. Since Q3 2021, we have sourced more than 200 funds that qualified as potential candidates. From this first filter, we do further work…



Private Equity Club L.P. conducted a study on the best performing Long Term US endowments which are Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford: the conclusion is very clear, simple and not surprising. It is the rigorous selection of the GPs (Managers) which determines outperformance and this stands for similar sectors such as the sports market.

Private equity is not a liquid asset since the funds are committed over many years and therefore it is of utmost importance to make the right choices upfront. Private Equity Club L.P. reviews a large number of funds and carefully selects some from GPs with a consistent strong track record. Though it is no guarantee of future performance, rigorous selection maximizes the chances of outperforming the private equity average performance.

Private equity is a jungle to choose from

There are more than 1,000 GPs in North America and Europe alone, each focusing on a variety of assets, such as Venture, Growth, Buy Out, Infrastructure and Secondaries. Within each private equity segment, there are different fund sizes and strategies from small to large, generalist to specialist, and single country to multi-countries.

The metrics provided by funds are multiples (Gross to Net Money Multiples, IRR, TVPI, DPI etc) and lead to difficult comparison between funds.

Performance between PE funds vary significantly from 1 st to 4th quartiles

Finally, private equity is also an expensive asset class, probably the most expensive with Hedge Funds in contrast to listed funds. Selecting the right private equity managers is the most important factor resulting in portfolio outperformance. Co-investment is another key ingredient because costs are lower.



Due to its size (€338m) with a typical commitment of €10-30m to each fund, Private Equity Club L.P. is in the sweet spot and can access the whole spectrum of fund sizes (small, mid and large).

However it can be difficult to access, especially the best small private equity funds because of limited space. Private Equity Club L.P. here offers 3 key advantages for these fund managers:

  • An attractive ticket size (€/$10-30m) not too large, not too small
  • A diversification from institutional sources of capital
  • A great connectivity to our European network of entrepreneurs and private equity specialists, especially for any European business side of their portfolio

Once in a selected fund, the Private Equity Club L.P. team manages the timing, the commitment process, the monitoring, the liquidity events and waterfalls from the primary funds to each of our LPs.

Uncompromised alignment of interests and low costs

Private equity is an expensive asset class due to its heavy operating, governance model, and it's history. Typically, a private equity fund achieving a 2.5x Gross Money Multiple on its investments will translate into a 1.9-2x Net Money Multiple for their LPs after management fee and carried interest.
Fund management fees, expenses and carried interest will typically absorb 1/3 of the Gross Investment Capital Gains.

This gap of 0.5x-0.6x Gross to Net Money Multiple can be reduced by making co-investments. A mix between primary and co-investments reduces the overall gap between Gross and Net Returns.

It is important to note that co-investments are more concentrated than the fund’s portfolio which is more diversified. To access co-investment requires active monitoring and reactivity.

Controlled Costs

In order to avoid adding costs over fees, Private Equity Club L.P. is keen to keep its administration costs low without compromising the quality of selection or KYC/AML procedures according to regulation requirements.

The founders invest significant amounts and therefore are fully aligned with all Private Equity Club L.P. members/investors.

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